How to Manage Projects using Project Management Software blended with Bug Tracking and Issue Management

The intention of using ZOHO Project Management Software is to assist your project team in achieving the project goals. Project Management Software is mostly utilized to administer the large complex projects. ZOHO Project Management Software tools available online that can aid you with this sort of management, from visual aids like graphical charts and time sheet tracking, to collaborative controls, enabling the project teams to bring up better outcomes together. It is a perfect mix of Bug tracking Software and Issue Management Software Applications.

After registering with ZOHO the initial step you have to do is create a new project. This generates you a set up to collect documents, notes, group action ideas and so on. Provides a place to fill in all the project information that is essential to have on hand and reference. Project Dashboard contains a Profile page to fill information about the people who issued the project or personnel details, company information and task templates.

In the Dashboard there will be a section to assign tasks and milestones. There you can fill in the information concerning to the tasks, starting and ending date, status, priority, person involved and so on.​ And there is a section for Gantt charts and reports which elaborates the start and finish dates of the concluding factors and compact summary of a project.

Next section denotes Bug Tracking section that helps you submit, track and fix the bugs and issues. This Bug tracking Software module that is incorporated with Project Management Software helps you to submit and organize issues, configure permissions, define individual work flows for different projects, configure email notifications, define Business Rules, changing the severity, priority, the module, the issue type, assign issue to a user, set severity and classifications, and to know the number of bugs that needs to be fixed.

The calender section lets you save the task details as a note and schedule a meeting. Not only can you add, but you can also view the details concerning to the Tasks, Milestones, and Meetings date wise for your reference. The next section denotes Meeting​ where you can plan, schedule and organize m​eetings held which includes the scheduled time, location, duration, participants and so on.​

With the help of the Document section you can upload documents from your system that are relevant and helpful to the project. The time tracking module in the Project Management Software helps you to log and view how much time is utlized or utilizing by the project members.​ It is helpful to track time, run reports, export timesheet data in desired format, send invoices and bill your clients.

There will be additionally a forum section to discuss and get instant advice on issues concerned to the Project. Escalate critical bugs and get immediate solution from experts in the team with project forums.​ Use Zoho Wiki for Online Team Collaboration. It is helpful  to create private group workspaces and share knowledge. Use chat section to collaborate and instantly communicate with your project team members. Both of these features facilitates communication between people and enhance knowledge sharing among team members.

Use Project Users section for user management. There you can add or remove users, define user permissions and provide secure​ access.​ It is all about controlling various activities a group of users can perform on a project. With this you can have total control provided with a fine level of visibility of a project that is everything at a single place.

The most significant point we have to remember when it comes to project management is finishing the project on time with a successful outcome. Using Project Management Software applications to track and outline the project making it comfortable to keep everyone up to date and well informed. A good Project Management Software can help you to make sure every project is a success.


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