How to Monitor Server​ using the Server Monitoring Tool​s​

Server Monitoring is very much essential for the business owners to hold up their success. Monitor Server that is monitoring a web server intends that the server owner will be alerted if one or some of his services are unsuccessful. The tools or services to Monitor Server evaluate server condition and alerts the owner if any services are went down, with a certain frequency. Server Monitoring is much more reliable, as it keeps on working when the server entirely comes down. OpManager provides a single, comprehensive console for your Server Monitoring needs by using SNMP, WMI, CLI and Telnet⁄SSH to Monitor Server infrastructure regardless of device type or make.

Server Health Monitoring is essentially implicated with observing how a server responds to the operating load placed upon it. The intention of that monitoring is to prevent server failures by assuring that the server always holds sufficient capacity to carry on the requisite tasks. In other case the server and network availability monitoring to check your websites, servers and internet-connected devices are up and running round the clock. OpManager monitors performance and availability of websites using HTTP and HTTPS requests, from end-user perspective. Free edition permits 5 monitors in the network.

VMware ESX is an enterprise grade virtualization product by VMware. VMware ESX does not involve an implicit operating system to be loaded first. By using VMware ESX Server you can get the highest virtualization performance. OpManager has an inclusive Server Monitoring dashboard for ESX servers which exhibits the availability and performance trends of the ESX server and of the individual VM instances. The ESX Server Monitoring console allows administrators to remotely start, stop or suspend individual VM instances.

OpManager also conduct services Monitoring that is, at the time of device discovery, OpManager discovers all the services running on your Windows as well as Linux servers and associates availability and response time monitors to these. OpManager also supports adding monitors for custom services running on TCP ports.

Processes monitoring is an significant ​function in a Server Monitoring activity. Through processes monitoring you can make sure that a important process is running, make sure that undesirable processes are not running, lift up consciousness of processes utilizing so much CPU time, track memory usage of a process and as well monitor fluctuations of process threads. This monitoring lets you to find out and handle and set thresholds across mulitple servers from a single window. The Remote Process Diagnostics section caters a prompt view of the elevative processes by CPU and Memory utilization letting you to finish troubling processes remotely.

Windows Services Monitoring lets you to monitor all your crucial services from a single monitoring workstation. OpManager monitors Windows Services for example, Alerter, FTP, Net Logon, DHCP Server, IAS, Print Spooler and more. OpManager is competent to attempt to restart services that are unavailable. Alerts can be sent when a service becomes unavailable. It monitors availability and response-time for the windows services.

Windows Eventlog monitoring is a powerful solution for screening, monitoring and analyzing events listed in Security, System, Application and another logs of Windows operating systems. This Server Monitoring tools provides standardized Windows Event Viewer monitoring functionality and institutes many new features. This tools are useful for both troubleshooting when things go improper and monitoring performance and behavior. OpManager can support you to notice failed log ins, login failures, account lockouts, failed attempts to access secure files, security log tampering and so on by processing Windows security Event logs. Additionally OpManager can as well monitor application logs, system logs and other event logs.

URL and website monitoring tool is helpful to monitor the availability and performance of web pages of your web application. It checks if your website pages are accessible. If there is any issues in accessing alerts are sent and corrective actions can be initiated. Website performance monitoring feature check out for diverse attributes such as response time and so on. OpManager lets you to monitor a URL and lookup for a particular text on the page. If suppose the text is nonexistent you can be instantly alerted to make you informed that your website has been compromised.

The foremost advantage lies behind the utilization of Server Monitoring will be the prevention of unfavourable problems that will significantly cripple the functionalities of the system.The tools that are used to Monitor Server is crucial to successfully diagnose possible server issues. If the Server Monitoring is ignored at a certain point of time greater problems will unquestionably  arise in the end.



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